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Relationship Warning Signs


 If your partner demonstrates one or more of the following behaviors you may be in danger:

  • Is jealous or possessive toward you
  • Tries to control you by being bossy or demanding
  • Tries to isolate you by demanding you cut off contacts with family and friends
  • Is violent and / or loses his or her temper quickly
  • Accuses you of being unfaithful or flirting
  • Controls all finances and forces you to account for what you spend
  • Constantly criticizes or belittles you
  • Humiliates you in front of others
  • Destroys or takes your personal property or sentimental items
  • Threatens to hurt you, your children, or pets
  • Threatens to use a weapon to harm you
  • Uses physical violence such as pushing, hiting, slapping, punching, kicking, or biting you or your children
  • Pressures you sexually or demands sexual activities you are not comfortable with
  • Claims you are responsible for his or her emotional state
  • Blames you when he or she mistreats you
  • Has a history of relationships that involved domestic violence
  • Your family and friends have told you that they are concerned for your safety
  • You frequently worry about how he or she will react to things you say or do
  • Makes "jokes" that shame, humiliate, demean, or embarrass you 
  • Grew up witnessing an abusive parental relationship
  • Abuses animals                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Domestic violence can lead to sever injury and even death.  The following behaviors are high lethality indicators:

Threats of homicide / suicide

  • Has the abuser threatened to kill himself, the victim, or anyone else?
  • Are these threats thoughts / plans, or have attempts been made?

History of frequency / severity of violence

  • When was the first, last, and most severe incident of abuse?
  • Are abusive episodes becoming more frequent and/or more violent?

History of abuse

  • Was the abuser a victim of physical or sexual abuse as a child?
  • How did his parents resolve problems when he was a child?

Drug / alcohol abuse

  • What is abuser's history, frequency, amount of use?

Explosiveness outside the home / with others / with the children?

  • Has the abuser targeted any other family members? Friends? Strangers?
  • How much is violence / aggression part of the abuser's life?

Centrality of the abused woman

  • How central is she to the abuser's universe?
  • How isolated is the abuser? What kinds of relationships with other family members, close friends, co-workers, neighbors?

Obsessive jealously

  • Does the abuser believe he's entitled to his partner, no matter what?
  • Does he keep calling her, stalk her at work, or wait for her at places she frequents?

Pet Abuse

  • Has the abuser mutilated or killed pets?


  • Does abuser own a weapon? Could he get one? How easily?
  • Has he ever threatened anyone with a weapon? Victim? The kids?

Is the victim attempting to leave, or has she left the relationship?

  • Is she filing for divorce?
  • Is she filing a TPO?


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